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  • Pat Boone Sings the New Songs of The Jesus People (FOLIO)

  • Pat Boone-Little Green Tree (SHEET MUSIC)

  • Pat Boone-Pictures In The Fire (SHEET MUSIC)

  • Pat Boone-Rosemarie (SHEET MUSIC)

  • Pat Boone-The Great Spirituals (FOLIO)

  • Pat Boone-We Gaze On Tomorrow (SHEET MUSIC)

  • Pat Boone-What If They Gave A War and No One Came? (SHEET MUSIC)

  • Pat Boone-Wish You Were Here, Buddy (SHEET MUSIC)

  • Pat Boone-Young Girl (SHEET MUSIC)

  • Pat Boone’s Hymns We Love Vol. 1 (FOLIO)

  • Pat Boone’s Hymns We Love Vol. 2 (FOLIO)

  • Pat Boone’s Spirit of Christmas (FOLIO)

  • The Pat Boone Family-Everybody Is Looking For An Answer (SHEET MUSIC)