Glory Train-The Lost Sessions


Featuring 13 Gospel favorites and soon-to-be classics, this inspirational collection leads off with the multi-artist, anthemic performance of Thank You, Billy Graham, written and produced by motion picture actor and recording artist Pat Boone, Grammy-winning Rock artist David Pack (Ambrosia), and Country star Billy Dean. The remaining tracks consist of never-before-released Gospel recordings made decades ago and the master tapes eventually lost. Years later The Lost Sessions turned up in the attic of producer Ray Ruff, so Boone decided to clean them up and put them out as part of a series of releases in celebration of his five decades of hit making. Includes the DVD music video of Thank You, Billy Graham with introduction by Bono.

Released Aug. 23, 2005

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  1. Thank You, Billy Graham
  2. Come and Take Me Home
  3. Bread Upon the Water
  4. New Kentucky Home
  5. Night Train
  6. Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead
  7. Ways of the World
  8. It Took A Carpenter
  9. Wrapped Up, Tied Up
  10. Wings of An Eagle
  11. Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music
  12. Good Time Charlie
  13. Glory Train

Produced by: Ray Ruff


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