Pat Boone 20th Century Fox Cinema 4-Pak (DVD)

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Pat Boone has starred in over 15 movies, and has three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  This collection features four of Pat’s early movies while under contract with 20th Century Fox Film Studios: “April Love,” “Mardi Gras,” “All Hands On Deck,” and “Goodbye Charlie.”

Included are some of the biggest stars of all time: Shirley Jones, Debbie Reynolds, Barbara Eden, Tony Curtis, Walter Matthau, Buddy Hackett and many more.

April Love (DVD)

After a minor run-in with the law in Chicago, Nick Conover (Pat Boone) is sent to live with his aunt and uncle on their horse farm in Kentucky. There he shows a surprising talent for harness racing, and catches the eye of the girl next door (Shirley Jones). This squeaky-clean box office hit remains a favorite of Boone's, who sings the Oscar-nominated, chart-topping title song.

Released Feb. 18, 1958

Goodbye Charlie (DVD)

Hollywood writer Charlie Sorrel (Harry Madden) is shot and killed by Hungarian film producer Sir Leopold Sartori (Walter Matthau) when he is caught fooling around with Sartori's wife, Rusty (Laura Devon). Later, passerby Bruce Minton III (Pat Boone) comes to the aid of a dazed woman (Debbie Reynolds) wandering on a beach. She doesn't remember much other than directions to Charlie's residence. The next morning it all comes back to her: she is the reincarnation of Charlie. After getting over the shock, she convinces her best (and only) friend, George Tracy (Tony Curtis), of her identity. All manner of complications arise as she first accepts the situation and then decides to take advantage of it, with Tracy's reluctant help. Charlie has changed his sex, but he cannot change his ways, and he eventually gets murdered again only to be reincarnated again, this time as a dog.

Released Nov. 18, 1964

All Hands On Deck (DVD)

Story of a Navy ship with a captain obsessed with catching a fish, a singing executive officer wanting to get married, and an Indian with a turkey as a pet. With Pat Boone as the hopeful suitor, Barbara Eden as his girl, and Buddy Hackett assigned to Boone to stay out of the captain's way.

Released Mar. 30, 1961

Mardi Gras (DVD)

A military school cadet (Boone) wins a date with a French movie goddess (Carère) who happens to be the queen of the "Mardi Gras" parade. The two fall in love, but Carère's movie studio wants to capitalize on this newly found love for publicity.

Released Nov. 18, 1958

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  1. Maria Velasquez

    April Love the most memorable movie I ever seen since a teenager. The songs let’s me memorize from first love.

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