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Thank You, Billy Graham


Evangelist Billy Graham has been lauded by audiences around the world and honored with the Congressional Medal of Honor. Now, in a one-of-a-kind biographical tribute, the world's leading entertainers come together to pay homage to this American hero through personal testimonials and the joining of their voices in a multi-artist, anthemic performance of Thank You, Billy Graham, written and produced by motion picture actor and recording artist Pat Boone, Grammy-winning Rock artist David Pack (Ambrosia), and Country star Billy Dean.  Special features include hundreds of hours of interviews and in-studio footage condensed down into a documentary style, behind-the-scenes look at the Making Of this heartfelt tribute to the life and ministry of Reverend Billy Graham. Not since We Are The World has there been a multi-artist project of this magnitude!

Released Sep. 11, 2012

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Music CD:

  1. Thank You, Billy Graham

Length: 5:07

Executive Producer: Pat Boone
Producer: David Pack
Director: Brian Lockwood
Written by: Pat Boone, David Pack, Billy Dean

  • Music Video – Thank You, Billy Graham
  • The Inspiration
  • Testimonials
  • The Making Of
  • Andraé Crouch Recording Session

Length: 52:00


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