The True Spirit of Christmas (CD)


Pat Boone claims to have sung and recorded more Christmas songs than just about anybody.  In 2007 he was introduced to Paul Alter, TV creative genius behind The Price is Right, What’s My Line, and Family Feud, who had a drawer-full of original songs about Christmas he’d never done anything with. In what Pat admits was “an audacious and daring thing to introduce so many new and original songs about something as familiar and hallowed as Christmas,” they released this 2-CD collector’s edition of 21 whimsical and fun, heartwarming and moving tunes about Christmas.

Released Dec. 4, 2007

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  1. Santa Claus, You Ought to Go On a Diet
  2. You Make Every Day Christmas
  3. Let’s Put Christ Back Into Christmas
  4. The Hole in the Stocking
  5. Now It’s Christmas
  6. The Little Drummer Boy Next Door
  7. Rosebud
  8. Man at Work
  9. If I Hear Another Song About Christmas
  10. I Saw Santa Prayin’
  11. The Spirit of Christmas


  1. In Harm’s Way
  2. Reindeer Rose
  3. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
  4. Christmas in L.A.
  5. The Fruitcake
  6. Christmas Cards
  7. The Twelve Days After Christmas
  8. California Christmas Card
  9. Little Green Tree
  10. Old Fashioned Christmas

Executive Producers: Paul and Lolly Alter, Pat Boone
Produced by: David Diggs & Dave Siebels
Associate Producer: Tony Vercillo


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