Ain’t No Collawearin’ Dog


Piper & Scooter, the first-ever wiener dog Pop stars to hit the scenes, write and perform songs about the real-life issues that dogs face; the deep and difficult issues that no one discusses. This catchy and fun album will entertain kids, adults and even dogs, too!  Piper & Scooter credit their vocal and songwriting talents to Rachel Diggs, whose voice and hit song, Hands of Time, have been heard many times on ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars.

Released Jun. 9, 2006

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  1. Ain’t No Collawearin’ Dog
  2. D.J. Scooter
  3. Un-Pottytrainable
  4. Two Paws Up
  5. Piperism #28
  6. Crate Train
  7. Letz Go Make A Litter
  8. Piperism #19
  9. Time Creeps
  10. One Way Ticket to L.A.
  11. Piperism #11
  12. He Came From A Puppy Mill
  13. Let Me Outta My Crate!
  14. Piperism #13
  15. Scratch My Back
  16. I Believe (LIVE From the Rose Bowl)

Produced & Engineered by: Rachel Diggs-Seymour


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