Sha Na Na 50th Anniversary Commemorative Edition Poster


This limited edition 24″ x 36″ poster, especially designed to commemorate Sha Na Na’s 50th anniversary and return to Bethel Woods (site of the 1969 Woodstock Festival), depicts the Ivy League greasers’ momentous performance on that unforgettable Monday morning, and joins Sha Na Na’s Wurlitzer Electric Piano (from the ’69 Festival) on display at The Museum at Bethel Woods.

(Ships separately, rolled in protective tube.)

It was the summer of ’69, as so many of the best stories start out. It had poured rain most of Sunday, and by Monday morning, everyone still at Woodstock was high and covered in mud, sticking around to watch Jimi Hendrix close the show. The stage was sinking and having electrical problems. It was grand and dismal at the same time, and also, somehow, the biggest break the up-and-coming band, Sha Na Na, could have had.

Original illustrations by Fort Collins, CO-based artist Charles Von Vitic.


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