Songs for Jesus Folk – LP


What was it Abraham Lincoln said?

“The Lord must have loved common folk: He made so many of them.”

Well, all the songs in this collection have come from the real experiences of just plain folk. It happens that these particular folks are Jesus folks. At various times, the humble, wayfaring Carpenter from Nazareth found His way into their homes and hearts and became a permanent part of their everyday lives.

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Released in 1970

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Like all good folk songs, these were born out of the real experiences of real people.

The Psalms were the folk songs of a young shepherd boy, David, who became the king of Israel – and a man after God’s own heart. They sprang from his real experience with the Lord.

So have these.

-Pat Boone


  1. A Man Called Billy
  2. Prayer for Ireland
  3. There’s Something About That Name
  4. Thank You
  5. Lord of the Dance


  1. The Joy of Brotherhood (Let Us Break Bread Together / They’ll Know We Are Christians by Our Love)
  2. The Woman At the Well
  3. Do Lord
  4. Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
  5. The Lord’s Prayer

Produced by: Paul Mickelson
Engineers: Steve Marlow, Bob Norberg
Photography: Woody Woodward
Design: Ray Storey



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