The Honeymoon is Over


This is a book about two sorts of honeymoon. One is marriage, followed by children, followed by problems – but not always in that order. Pat and Shirley share their successes and failures in all aspects of their lives in show business. But marriage and children are, of course, not for everyone.

There’s another honeymoon that every Christian can enjoy – the experience of first accepting and understanding the love of God and His forgiveness. “I’m a Christian now,” you think. “Nothing can ever go wrong in my life again.” It does, and the honeymoon is over – sometimes before it has hardly begun. The relationship seems broken. Does it have to be like this? (Continued)

Shirley’s loss of love for Pat, Pat’s exploration of the seedier side of Tinsel Town, their newfound relationship with God, being told to leave their church, massive debts, and the problems and joys of raising four beautiful daughters surrounded by showbiz people. Here is a positive message that will encourage everyone who is finding that their “honeymoon” is over.

First published in 1977, this book has been revised and updated by Pat and Shirley for today’s readers who want to discover the secrets that sustain one of Hollywood’s most successful marriages.


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