Laury Boone Browning – Thursday’s Child – LP


If you’ve ever felt like a “late bloomer,” … or like the last in line for gifts and abilities, then perhaps we have something in common.  One childhood poem said, “Thursday’s Child has far to go…,” describing those who have to try a little harder, and wait a bit longer to see years of dreams and goals come to pass.  That’s why “Thursday’s Child” was selected as the title for this album.  If you give your life to the Lord, He’ll bring deliverance, purpose, and joy where there used to be bondage, emptiness, and sadness.


  1. Follow You
  2. In Times Like These
  3. Carpenter
  4. Yours Alone
  5. Come Lift Him Up


  1. Thursday’s Child
  2. It Keeps On Getting Better
  3. Heart Door
  4. Shower the People
  5. Take the Love

Executive Producer: John Houghton
Produced by: Roby Duke


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