Melody Federer – An Americaine in Paris (CD)


Melody Federer, who has been attracting attention all over Europe, now brings her irresistible melodies to the U.S.!  She has generated a sizable fan base as the inventor of Stride-Pop, an original genre of music combining 1930s stride piano with a fresh, bouncy contemporary sound.  Melody was chosen as the face of Chanel Fragrance Chance in Paris, and has modeled for Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. In addition to modeling, she has won kudos for her classical acting skills during such performances as the New York production of Othello, in which she gave a riveting interpretation of Desdemona.  She has performed for Ralph Lauren at Vogue Fashion Week in Paris, Ambassador Charles H. Rivkin (U.S. Ambassador to Paris), The University Club of NYC, La Roqueboro Boogie Festival, Le Petit Journal Montparnesse, and Le Meridien Etoile’s Jazz Club, Paris.

  1. Leadbelly
  2. The Way They Danced
  3. An Americaine In Paris
  4. Plenty of Reasons
  5. Better If I Go
  6. Our Very First December
  7. Standing Still
  8. Text Song
  9. Sweet Dreams
  10. Hi On WiFi
  11. Baby Baby
  12. You Are My Summertime

Produced by: David Diggs

Released Jul 12, 2011


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