One More Saturday Night


Sha Na Na debuts “brand new old school” with all-original Sha Na Na songs produced and written by Sha Na Na co-founders and Woodstock veterans Jocko Marcellino, Donny York, and piano man Screamin’ Scott Simon. And in one of his last recordings the late Reggie Battise leads the Sha Na Na vocal attack with his distinctive bass and lead vocals from Doo Wop to Rockabilly, from the street corner to the dance hall, and from New York City to the Tokyo Ball. Includes bonus tracks featuring guest vocalists Pat Boone and Japanese pop singer, Conny. Sha Na Na gets it right with the good rockin’ of One More Saturday Night.

Released Jun. 6, 2006

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  1. The Cat In the PT Cruiser
  2. Don’t You Remember
  3. One More Saturday Night
  4. Tokyo Bop
  5. Blue
  6. Tell Me Something I Don’t Know
  7. Lovin’ Ain’t So Hard to Find
  8. Sandy
  9. Good Rockin’ Tonite
  10. Hold On (Wait A Minute)
  11. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
  12. Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame
  13. Maybe
  14. Love Can’t Hurt
  15. Tokyo Bop (Japanese & English Duet)
  16. Blue 2 (with Pat Boone)

Produced by: Jocko Marcellino


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