Can’t We Get Along (DVD/CD)


It was 1991 when Rodney King was badly beaten by the police. That sparked the L.A. riots.  When he came out of the hospital, instead of saying something inflammatory that could have sparked more rioting, he was calling for understanding and communication.

I said, “That’s what we need!” and wrote CAN’T WE GET ALONG. It laid around for almost 30 years until ten weeks ago. The L.A. riots were really about the kind of thing that’s been happening all over the country now, and the words to my song still resonate with the protests taking place nationwide in the wake of the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis earlier this year.

Then it hit me, this should be the anthem of where we are now!

“When we think of 2020, this is the song we’ll remember.”
-Pat Boone

Release Date: November 20, 2020

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Music CD:

  1. Can’t We Get Along featuring Wendy Moten
  2. He’ll Never Walk Alone (Empty Uniform)
  3. Part of America Died
  4. Won’t Be Home Tonight
  5. Faith and Freedom
  6. For My Country
  7. God Bless America
  8. The Star Spangled Banner
  9. America the Beautiful
  10. Under God
  11. I Had A Dream
  12. Can’t We Get Along featuring Tony Galla with The Linda McCreary Singers

“Can’t We Get Along” Words and Music by: Pat Boone
(Track 1) Arranged and Recorded by: Jimmy Nichols, Produced by: Norman B. Ratner
(Track 12) Produced, Arranged and Recorded by: David Siebels

Length: 60 Mins.


  1. Can’t We Get Along featuring Wendy Moten
  2. Can’t We Get Along: The Inspiration
  3. He’ll Never Walk Alone (Empty Uniform)
  4. Part of America Died
  5. Won’t Be Home Tonight
  6. Faith and Freedom
  7. For My Country
  8. God Bless America
  9. The Star Spangled Banner
  10. America the Beautiful
  11. Under God
  12. I Had A Dream

Can’t We Get Along Video featuring Wendy Moten
Executive Producer: Pat Boone
Producer: Norman B. Ratner
Arranged and Recorded by: Jimmy Nichols
Edited by: Tom Roach

Length: 60 Mins.

Wendy MotenWENDY MOTEN may have launched her career as a pop/R&B artist signed to EMI and taken cool detours into jazz throughout her fascinating career, but her heart clearly belongs to Nashville. Living and immersing in Music City, the multi-talented singer-songwriter has toured with Faith Hill & Tim McGraw, Martina McBride, Julio Iglesias, and since 2016 has been on the road with the legendary Vince Gill, who also produced her recent album, I’VE GOT YOU COVERED.



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