Faith and Freedom – Anthem for Faith, Liberty, and Life (CD/DVD)


Pat Boone and the Faith & Freedom Coalition present this moving and heartfelt collection of America’s favorite flag-waving anthems, and featuring the all-new FAITH and FREEDOM – Anthem for Faith, Liberty and Life, written and recorded by legendary music icon and statesman Pat Boone and commissioned by the Faith & Freedom Coalition. Enjoy 11 inspiring patriotic favorites in all, including Pat Boone’s original and 61st chart hit, “Under God,” a response to the attempt to remove those two words from “The Pledge of Allegiance.”

ALSO INCLUDED: “Road to Majority” Restoring America’s Greatness and Founding Principles – A video tour of the vital work of the Faith & Freedom Coalition.

Released June 10, 2017

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Music CD:

  1. Faith and Freedom
  2. I Am An American
  3. America (My Country, ‘Tis of Thee)
  4. The Battle Hymn of the Republic
  5. God Bless America
  6. The Star Spangled Banner
  7. In America
  8. America the Beautiful
  9. The Exodus Song (This Land Is Mine)
  10. For My Country
  11. Under God

“Faith and Freedom” Words and Music by: Pat Boone
Produced and Arranged by: David Diggs


  1. Road To Majority – A video tour of the vital work of the Faith & Freedom Coalition
  2. Faith and Freedom – Music Video

Executive Producer: Faith & Freedom Coalition, Pat Boone
Producer: Dana McElwain
Music by: Dave Siebels
Edited by: Michael Mazzola

Length: 35:00

  • Music CD Featuring 11 Patriotic Favorites
  • “Faith and Freedom” Music Video by Pat Boone
  • “Road to Majority” Video Tour
  • Special Insights from Ralph Reed and Pat Boone
  • 12-Page Color Booklet “Faith & Freedom Coalition Milestones and History”


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