He’ll Never Walk Alone-Original Songs for Law Enforcement (CD)


In this heartfelt collection produced expressly for the United States Deputy Sheriffs’ Association (USDSA), legendary music icon and statesman Pat Boone shares his unwavering love of God and the United States of America, and the deep appreciation he has for those who risk their lives to protect the freedoms that Americans enjoy. Included is Pat Boone’s Part of America Died that broke through the Top 10 and secured a #9 position on the Country Top 30 Indie Chart.

Released Jul. 7, 2016

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He’ll Never Walk Alone

Part of America Died

Won’t Be Home Tonight

  1. He’ll Never Walk Alone (Empty Uniform)
  2. Part of America Died
  3. Won’t Be Home Tonight

Executive Producer:  Pat Boone
Compilation Producer:  Dana McElwain


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