The Miracle of Prayer / Footprints of God (10-CD Bundle)


The Miracle of Prayer explores the greatest source of untapped power in the universe—power that can bring you positive results, once you learn how to use it. Through true stories from his own experience, Pat Boone proves that you can make the miraculous happen in your own life through the power of prayer.

A personal relationship with God does not promise life without hardship and sadness. Footprints of God, read by singer-actor-author Pat Boone, and produced by multi-Grammy and Emmy-nominated trumpeter, composer, and producer David B. Hooten, will inspire, uplift, and restore your faith in difficult times.


The Miracle of Prayer
Celebrating the 40th anniversary of his best-selling book, previously released as Pray to Win | God Wants You to Succeed, Pat Boone reveals his practical, winning prayer formula and describes what it takes to get the most from your prayer life:

  • the nine prerequisites for effective prayer
  • the key to meaningful reading of the Scriptures
  • the power of group prayer
  • meditation and speaking in tongues, and how you can learn to use them
  • how to discover His will for you
  • how to distinguish His true answers from false messages

Disc 1

Part I: How to Start A Supernatural Conversation

  1. Song: I’m Somebody
  2. Language Without Limits: An Introduction to Prayer Power
  3. Song: A Pocketful of Hope
  4. Song: Something Good
  5. Prayer Probes
  6. The Action-Prayer Principal

Length: 73:13

Disc 2

Part II: The Winning Prayer Formula

  1. The Fiddler Factor
  2. The Practical Side of Private Prayer
  3. Prerequisites for Prayer Power (Part 1)

Length: 73:44

Disc 3

Part II: The Winning Prayer Formula (cont.)

  1. Prerequisites for Prayer Power (Part 2)
  2. Battle of Wits, Wisdom and Will
  3. The Multiple Effect
  4. Song: A Hostage Prayer
  5. Choosing Your Prayer Frequency
  6. How to Listen for Supernatural Answers (Part 1)

Length: 73:22

Disc 4

Part II: The Winning Prayer Formula (cont.)

  1. How to Listen for Supernatural Answers (Part 2)
  2. God’s Special Communication Codes (Part 1)
  3. Song: A Sacrifice of Praise
  4. Commentary by Pat Boone
  5. God’s Special Communication Codes (Part 2)

Length: 57:27

Disc 5

Part III: Exploring the Frontiers of Prayer Power

  1. The Language of Love Is Learned At Home
  2. Song: New Kentucky
  3. Song: Does Jesus Care?
  4. The Prayer Prescription
  5. Song: Does Jesus Care? (Reprise)

Length: 74:36

Disc 6

Part III: Exploring the Frontiers of Prayer Power (cont.)

  1. Song: Piece of the Rock
  2. The Root of All Riches
  3. Song: The American Way
  4. How to Mix Prayer and Politics (Part 1)

Length: 73:45

Disc 7

Part III: Exploring the Frontiers of Prayer Power (cont.)

  1. How to Mix Prayer and Politics (Part 2)
  2. Song: In America
  3. Song: Glory Train
  4. Commentary by Pat Boone
  5. Can You Talk Your Way Into the Winner’s Circle?

Length: 58:15

Disc 8

Part III: Exploring the Frontiers of Prayer Power (cont.)

  1. Song: Glory Train (Reprise)
  2. Song: Miracle Merry-Go-Round
  3. Final Thoughts on Winning Big
  4. Song: I’m Somebody (Reprise)

Length: 38:31

Disc 9

The Miracle of Prayer In Song

  1. I’m Somebody – Pat Boone 3:32
  2. A Pocketful of Hope – Pat Boone 2:05
  3. Something Good – Pat Boone 2:57
  4. A Hostage Prayer – Pat Boone 4:35
  5. A Sacrifice of Praise – Pat Boone 5:00
  6. New Kentucky Home – Pat Boone 1:25
  7. Does Jesus Care? – Pat Boone 2:28
  8. Piece of the Rock – Pat Boone 2:05
  9. The American Way – Pat Boone 3:34
  10. In America – Pat Boone 3:54
  11. Glory Train – Pat Boone 3:17
  12. Miracle Merry-Go-Round – Pat Boone 3:18
  13. I’m Somebody (Reprise) – Pat Boone 3:30

Length: 41:42

Executive Producer: Pat Boone
Producers: Randy Yantek, David Diggs
Art Direction/Project Manager: Dana McElwain
Art Design: Peter F. Muller

The Miracle of Prayer In Song
Compilation Producer: David Diggs

Footprints of God
1. Footprints In the Sand – Mary Stevenson / Hooten Music Group (BMI) 2:01
This popular poem provides reassurance of God’s presence in your life during trials and testing. “When you saw only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you.”

2. But for One Child – James Faulconer, PhD / Hooten Music Group (BMI) 10:29
Christian heritage is ordained by God! One child overcame the world and changed it forever.

3. Forty Brave Soldiers – Author Unknown / Hooten Music Group (BMI) 7:20
In A.D. 320, forty young Roman soldiers committed to the service of Christ were ordered to obey and bow to pagan gods or face torture and death. Like this story, we stand stronger whenever we stand together.

4. The First Easter – Robert Kilgore / Hooten Music Group (BMI) 21:21
Biblical events are brought to life through this inspirational portrayal of our first true Easter.

Length: 41:13

Executive Producers: Pat Boone, David B. Hooten, James Faulconer, PhD
Producer: David B. Hooten for DBH Productions, Inc.
Recorded at: Cornerstone Recording Company, Edmond, OK
Engineer: Ken Sarkey
Art Direction/Project Manager: Dana McElwain
Art Design: Peter F. Muller

Vocals and Narration: Pat Boone
Orchestration: James Faulconer, PhD, David B. Hooten
Trumpet: David B. Hooten, James Faulconer, PhD
Saxophone/Clarinet: Bob Snyder

In the years immediately prior to the British Invasion, only one performer rivaled the chart dominance of Elvis Presley, and that was Pat Boone. With his trademark white buck shoes, perfectly combed hair and gleaming smile, Boone was the very essence of wholesome American values, and at a time when the rise of Rock ‘n Roll was a sign of the apocalypse, he made the music appear safe and non-threatening, earning some 38 Top 40 hits in the process. His position as teen idol was clinched by the charting status of more than 60 of his singles.

Pat Boone has over 20 Gospel albums in all to his credit – some including songs he’d written – and he’s credited as having recorded the first-ever million-selling Gospel record! In 2003 he was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame, along with Amy Grant and the Blind Boys of Alabama.

Pat and Shirley (Foley) Boone (daughter of country star ‘Red’ Foley) were married for over 65 years. “We lived a wonderful, blessed life together. I’ve parted with my better half for a little while…but we don’t die, we just move on to another place,” Pat said of his high school sweetheart.

David B. Hooten, the “musician’s musician” and “maker of memories,” has achieved worldwide adoration as a multi-Grammy and Emmy-nominated trumpeter, composer, and producer. Hooten has released twenty-one albums, produced over one hundred, performed as a soloist with symphonies around the world, and recorded with the Kiev Symphony Orchestra. His résumé includes performing for the King of Thailand for the Queen’s sixtieth birthday and private performance for the royal family, and he has performed for four U.S. presidents throughout his career. Hooten has performed the national anthem at the Olympics and for the New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys, Oklahoma Sooners, Oklahoma City Thunder, and multiple tennis tournaments. He appeared more than ten times on Dr. Schuller’s “Hour of Power” television program from the Crystal Cathedral, and in perhaps his most notable performance, Hooten was bestowed the honor of performing for Pope John Paul II.


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